Taxidermy Man Eating Leopard Head by Rowland Ward


Man Eating Leopard by Rowland Ward shot on the 23rd October 1908 with accompanying newspaper articles sellotaped to the reverse of the shield and a photograph of the animal shot dead.


An important head of a leopard responsible for the deaths of several humans, prepared by the Rowland Ward Company and presented on a characteristic shield with a paper trade label and stamped RW monogram on the reverse. An ivorine plaque carries the inscription:
                                                Man-eating Leopard
                                                    Shot 23.10. 08
                                                Balaghat, C.P., India
 and newspaper cuttings about the animal’s actions (which is referred to as a panther) are stuck to the back of the shield along with a photo of the animal after its death. Rowland Ward died in 1912 and most of the productions of his company were made long after he was gone – despite their continuing high quality. Due to the date at which this head was preserved, and its importance, it is likely that it was prepared by Rowland himself. This is an opportunity to acquire a fine and historic specimen.